An ideal neckline


It isn`t just enough to choose a dress of a right color and texture. In order to ensure that it will look amazing, you must choose an appropriate neckline that will stress the strong sides of your figure and positively influence it. A proper neckline may turn out to be really helpful! Many women would like to look uniquely, extraordinarily and sexy so much that don`t pay attention to an obvious thing – to their neckline. You shouldn`t focus only on your dress (its color, fabrics etc.), but also on your neckline that will let you stress your figure. A properly sized neckline pays the spectator`s attention to the principal zones: your attractive face, neck, breasts and back. There are many kinds of neckline options in dresses; you can find an astonishing number of alternatives for various occasions.


Wave neckline The collar doesn`t cling to the neck, but falls as soft waves. A very popular solution in T-shirts. It`s a kind of neckline that will focus the viewer`s attention on your breasts and arms as well as the upper part of your body.



High collar It appears in turtleneck sweaters or sometimes even in dresses. However, bear in mind that it doesn`t suit everyone, though. An ideal choice for a slim girl with a narrow face. Unfortunately, women with a short neck and big breasts shouldn`t consider it as a possible outfit.


Corset This neckline starts from the armpit area, fully reveals your arms as well as the upper part of your back and chest. It doesn`t suit women with big breasts.



Round cut on the neck This solution would be advisable for slim girls only, but is actually widely used in many items of garment.




Asymmetrical neckline When you choose this option, you reveal just one arm. It creates a very clear figure line and distracts the viewer`s attention from your face. For that reason, this neckline will be a good idea only for the women with a slim figure. Such a neckline can be encountered in tops as well as in evening and summer dresses.




V-shaped neckline with creasing Such a neckline ensures a nice shape of your breasts, making them look very tempting. That is why it will serve its purpose in almost every figure, including plump women and the busty ones. This neckline will, however, not necessarily turn out to be nice for women with a narrow, long face.




Big neckline Full opening of the arms, the upper part of your back as well as your chest can be of various geometrical forms. A decision should be made on the basis of your face shape – if it is square or rectangular, you`d better chose a mild, oval and round neckline. For a round face, it would be advisable to try sharp cuts.




Teardrop-shaped neckline It is a teardrop-shaped neckline that catches many views. A perfect idea for brave women.




Heart A heart-shaped neckline focuses everyone`s attention on the breasts and is recommended for the not so busty women. It can be seen in evening and summer dresses.




Oval neckline Plump girls aren`t advised to wear it. It fully reveals your back and chest. An oval cut catches everyone`s attention.




Shallow, round neckline Such a cut extends the arms line and lets you hide your wide hips. This outfit should be avoided by the women with massive arms and a short neck.




Falling-style neckline It reveals your arms up to the collarbone. Simultaneously, it also extends the arms line, but pays everyone`s attention to the breasts.



V-neck It makes your arms seem narrower and your figure seem higher, but looks quite strange if it reaches your waist and goes even lower. It will underline every figure and make you look slender! The most fashionable neckline in show business.




Tooth Tooth-shaped neckline. This is a retro-style neckline. That is why you need to choose it carefully, paying attention to the features of your figure and the general style of your outfit.




Square-shaped/rectangle-shaped neckline It is a quite common neckline, but makes your face seem longer and stresses its perpendicular shapes. That is why it should be avoided by girls with a square face or wide, boxy, bony arms.




U-shaped neckline It is closed on the back, but almost fully reveals the upper part of the chest due to a deep, wide cut. Such a solution makes your neck seem longer, but at the same time your face appears to be shorter.




Oval-shaped neckline A medium deep neckline that reveals your neck. It is quite neutral, but may make your neck appear shorter than it is.



Bond on the neck It fully opens the arms and the back, fastening or a bound on the neck. An ideal solution for short girls with straight arms as well as for medium girls – it makes your figure seem longer.




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