There has recently been a new fashion trend. The jewelry is not strictly connected with necklines anymore, but has moved to wrists and ankles instead. It includes bigger bracelets, smaller bracelets, watches, rings and the chains that link your wrist to your fingers.

How should I choose the best accessories for my fingers and wrists?

1. Determine your fashion style and try to choose the accessories accordingly. For instance, if you decide to follow the safari style, make sure that your accessories also match or at least closely resemble it.

2. Try to combine colors and materials with your predominant style. Pay attention to the color and materials of your jewelry, clothes, shoes and bags. They should be complementary. Under no circumstances can they “contradict” each other.

3. When you are on the lookout for jewelry sets, try to find those that have something in common. For example: color, material, texture, style, shape, size

4. Before you wear a given set, put it in one place, together with your clothes, bag and footwear (e.g. on the bed) and check if each element is suitable for the other ones. Delete the unnecessary items and add some missing details.

If you don`t like your outfit in general, you`d better ultimately resign from this trend because the wrongly chosen jewelry located on fingers and wrists is just too much visible. It will suffice if you wear just a bracelet or few rings.




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