Check out your figure type!


Every woman can boast another type of figure. That is why you don`t need to blindly follow the fashion because even the most fashionable clothes of this season may not be right for your figure. The only way you can look really stylish and attractive is to choose the clothes according to your figure.


Letter T

The women with wide arms and wide back shouldn`t wear tops and dresses that are ornamented with flounces or crosswise strips because they will make them seem larger. Such persons will look better in dresses that are narrowed under the breasts. Such figure will perfectly match with a V-shaped neckline or a V-neckline. Not only does it make your neck seem longer, but it also lets your breasts become more seductive. In order to strike a right “balance” between the upper and the lower part of your body, you can wear any skirt you like and thick belts that will stress your waist.


Rectangle, a boyish figure – you will look very stylish in corset dresses that will substitute the missing cut in your waist and stress your breasts. Girls with a boyish figure are those just few lucky ones who will look simply amazing in tight trousers and skirts.


Large breasts and a wide waist – this type of figure can be best characterized in that way. Such girls should wear leggings with no pockets on the hips, which makes them seem even larger. These women should avoid popular dresses and pencil skirts. They look much better in trapezoid dresses and skirts because these items make their figure seem slimmer. In order to let the others pay their attention to their beautiful upper part of the body, they may wish to have a deep neckline.


The women who have a figure like this should do their best in order not to let the others focus their attention on their heavy lower parts and instead concentrate on the upper parts of their bodies. They will definitely need dark trousers that make the figure seem longer and slimmer. Another necessary solution for those women is a tunic that will let them hide all tiny flaws the lower parts of their bodies may have. “Pears” should say goodbye to the dresses that tightly cling to their bodies. Instead of this, they should wear more loose and filmy things.



In order to stress the pluses of such a figure, one should wear deep necklines and dresses with a belt around the waist that reach up to the knees. When it comes to the clothes for the lower part of the body, “hourglass” should wear perfectly fitted and well-matched trousers. They will look very feminine in “pencil”-skirts. An ideal is a monochromatic model with a wide belt that will stress the waist. Choosing clothes for a given figure requires a certain degree of experience. It is, however, not that difficult as it may seem at the first glance. You just need a bit of patience, endurance and taste – when you have it, you`ll see a new, self-assured Young Lady in front of the mirror.


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