Expose your figure


Nowadays it`s a very hard task to find a girl with a 100% flawless figure. But as we all know, good look doesn`t always accompany good shapes. At first, you need to find out how to choose the suitable clothes for your figure – the clothes that will stress most of your bright sides and efficiently hide your flaws. Experienced experts in the field of fashion and style sew the clothes in a manner that lets you efficiently underline your figure. The first thing you notice in well-known brand clothes is that they don`t hide our flaws, quite the opposite – they stress them even more and are available in small sizes only. You don`t have to force yourself, trying to wear smaller clothes, which will make you end up having fat dumps where they were never present. You shouldn`t just blindly follow the fashion. It simply doesn`t make sense to buy the same clothes as celebrities when you aren`t sure if you will look equally good in them as they do.



Remember that dark colors, especially black, make you look slimmer. However, don`t focus on that too much and wear some other colors, too. Plump women should definitely wear vertical-lined clothes that will make them look thinner. You will look better in a dress that has some darker elements at its sides than in a monochromatic one. Under no circumstances should you wear trousers and a long coat. It doesn`t stand for harmony, but just one big lump. Avoid wide frills because they make your figure seem larger.
A V-shaped neckline makes your neck seem longer and the upper part of your body seem slimmer. In order to ensure that your figure appears light and elegant, wear dresses, trousers or skirts.



When you are slim, you can wear clothes with a wide belt on your hips. A belt around the waist will make your figure slightly more subtle. Underline your outfit with long chains, a necklace and earrings. Make sure your shoes are a good company for your accessories. They should perfectly combine with your clothes. Heels let you look slimmer. Ballerinas should be worn by tall, slim women only. High-heel shoes make your legs look better – you can match them with tight trousers and skirts. Throw away the clothes you don`t like and those that don`t suit you. But don`t forget about the most important rule – stay straight because no clothes will ever stress your figure if you hunch your back! Always keep it straight – this will make every outfit look exclusive!


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