Fashionable leather bracelets


Underneath you`ll find some leather bracelets that used to be fashionable in past seasons. You should remember that many of them are unisex and can be worn by both men and women. It is made of true leather – a universal bracelet for everyday use – more advanced models with metal elements are ideal for those who love walking as well as for party-goers. Bracelets can be made of any leather type. They boast a wide spectrum of styles, from elegant, classic patterns up to rock or safari style. Narrow leather bracelets stress the beauty of your wrist, wide, rock-style leather bracelets stand for a rebellious nature and the ones with charms are simply a perfect choice for young girls. Moreover, one can also find leather bracelets with natural stones, plaited leather bracelets with charms as well as bracelets with metal elements and chains. The most popular materials include suede, ray skin, snake skin as well as dyed beef skin.


Plaited bracelets

Charms and stones

Bracelets with metal and leather elements

Wide leather bracelets


Plaited bracelets



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