Hand-made earrings with natural stones


Underneath you can find various equally stylish earring models with big and small natural stones.

Labrador earrings

The mystical Labrador stone never fails to fascinate due to its uniqueness. When exposed against sun rays, this object has always a different color. It is fragile, transparent as well as boasts with bright, glimmering shades of blue, violet, gold and green. A material often used by jewelry designers. Carrying this stone with you, you chase away fear, uncertainty, doubts and can get rid of bad memories – it gives you a sort of emotional stability. Labrador, it boosts endurance in those who lack it.


Chalcedon earrings

Even the smallest rise of temperature or a longer exposition to sun rays may cause the color change from yellow or brown to red or orange. Chalcedon and its varieties are widely used for jewelry.


Amethyst earrings

Amethyst is a kind of quartz that can offer you a number of colors – violet, purple or purple-violet. Its name originates from the Greek language. According to the legends, this stone can successfully combat alcoholism.


Quartz earrings

Quartz is transparent; it can be colorless and have many colorful varieties. Pure, colorless quartz is called rock crystal.



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