Rings – how to wear them?


Ring – the oldest, but still the most popular ornament. Every woman has a lots of them and is still buying new ones, depending on her lifestyle, richness or mood. There are many sorts of rings: golden rings, silver rings, engagement rings, astonishing rings, diamond rings, rings with semi-precious stones etc.

What should we do in order to wear them without any restrictions and not to be laughed at? Several years ago, in order to wear rings, you had to follow some strict rules, a certain code. You couldn`t wear more than two rings and they could be worn only on the middle or on the ring finger. All combinations of precious metals with each other, especially with artificial jewelry, were said to be highly inappropriate. Luxurious diamonds could be worn only for special occasions in the evening, so the majority of women had to resign from them. Nowadays, there are no rules or codes in fashion. The only things you need to keep in mind while wearing rings are your common sense and personal preferences. Of course, office fashion definitely excludes huge rings and big-size jewelry. A small ring is ideal for discreet office manicure. Nowadays more and more people are following the Western style of wearing rings – they wear them on the same finger as their wedding rings. When you plan to spend an evening out, wearing a big ring may be a good idea; however, you should also remember about meticulous manicure because otherwise people will easily notice every shortcoming. If you like ethnic dresses, you can wear two or three rings (thin, stripped metal rings of the same color). Afterwards, you can additionally wear some thin bracelets, which will underline your entire outfit.

For various occasions you can combine silver and golden elegant jewelry, but this must be a subtle mixture of one color and glaring shades. When you match the jewelry with your outfits, just trust your instinct. You may also create a unique combination of rings that will underline your individuality.


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