What pearls should you wear?


Pearls – a unique jewel in our nature. Since ancient times, they have been treated as a synonym of love, luck, richness and affluence. In the past pearls used to be worn only by upper-class ladies. Now, they can be afforded by every woman in combination with different outfits, from suits up to elegant evening dresses. Please bear in mind that pearls, like all other accessories, should be worn in a proper manner. If you decide to buy a pearl necklace, pay attention to its length. Slim women who want to hide their protruding clavicle and neck should wear a collar-like pearl necklace or some pearl rows that fully cover the neck. If you decide to choose a classic V-shaped neckline, you can choose a necklace that consists of one or more pearl rows. “Seal” necklace – length: 90 cm There may be few rows of it or it can loosely hang underneath your waist. Such jewelry will be a perfect idea during a banquet, party or a dinner. “Princess” is a single thread (length: max. 50 cm) that loosely lies slightly underneath the neck. There are no special restrictions in terms of necklaces; they can be worn anytime, regardless of your age.


While buying this kind of jewelry, please focus on the size of pearls, though. As you can find out from the etiquette rules, the size of beads reflects the age. A necklace consisting of small pearls (diameter 5-6 mm) will be appropriate for young girls. A jewelry made of pearls (6-8 mm) can be a nice idea for women under 40. It is also rich, elderly ladies that should wear pearl necklaces (diameter 9-10 mm).
If you would like to buy pearl jewelry, just check out if it can be combined with your complexion color. Women of a darker complexion should wear certain kind of pearls (recommendation: warm shades of gold and yellow). Ginger-haired and blond-haired ladies with a snow-white complexion should choose pink pearls. Creamy and purely white pearls will suit all girls. The most important thing is that you are satisfied with your jewelry even if it doesn`t meet some criteria. While on the lookout for pearls, just listen to your intuition and don`t forget that jewelry should stand for your elegance and good taste, but not for its lack and vulgarity.


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